Sorion’s solutions are based on Sorion standard products and these are detailed below and on the associated pages. These products are also available to other companies for developing systems.


Sextans-RT is Sorions shop floor process control and testing application. Sextans-RT runs on a Windows based PC and connects to the range of Sorion peripherals (including Pyxis LPSC – PSU, Pyxis P16IO – Digital I/O, Rigel VCi4 – Vehicle/ECU communications, Rigel USBIO2 – Rack based analogue and digital I/O).

Sextans-RT is used in applications such as:

  • Complete process and test solutions for manufacturing assembly lines
  • Standalone units through to full factory integrated system
  • Force Application Machines (FAM) for seat calibration
  • Inspection systems including, Vision systems: colour, position and orientation
  • Data verification: Barcode, Data Tag, ECU (CAN/LIN/K communications)


Orion™ (Quality & Traceability Reporting) is an automotive industry biased storage and reporting system that captures data from a variety of sources in a manufacturing environment.

  • Complete data storage for statistical analysis and traceability of products and assemblies
  • Web based front end allows instant access to reports and “drill down” features
  • Reports include:- Throughput, RFT, Top Failures, Failure Location, Trends, Traceability

Electrical Test Rack

Sorion has many years’ experience in deploying electrical test systems used in the end-of-line testing of vehicle sub-assemblies, with over 100 systems in use around the world.

  • The current ETest system is the third generation of Sorion test racks with significantly increased flexibility, reliability and performance
  • Runs using Sorion’s Sextans-RT operating software, or can be interfaced with third party software using the Sorion SBP software interface

Rigel VCi3

The Sorion Rigel VCi3 (Versatile Communications Interface) is a micro-processor based system that is specifically designed for the communicating, controlling and testing of bus based vehicle systems and sub-systems. Having CAN, LIN, K Line and RS232 interfaces as well as analogue and isolated digital I/O the Rigel VCi3 can operate as a standalone unit, or as a peripheral to a PC/PLC based system.

Pyxis Range

The Sorion Pyxis range of microprocessor peripherals have been specifically designed to provide those missing functions required in the delivery of real time control and data acquisition systems.

Current Pyxis modules available are:

All of the Pyxis range of peripherals are based around a common core hardware design using the Microchip PIC processors. They run specifically written embedded real time code written in ‘C’.

J1962 / OBDII Connectors

Sorion provides a range of connectors into the automotive assembly, test and validation market.

The single most popular of these connectors is the ubiquitous J1962 OBD-II diagnostics connector used the world over and fitted to virtually all passenger cars manufactured today.

The J1962 / OBDII connector comes in either durable rugged, or low-cost form factors.