Electrical Test Hardware

Sorion has many years’ experience in deploying electrical test systems used in the end-of-line testing of vehicle sub-assemblies, with over 100 systems in use around the world.

The current system is the third generation of Sorion test racks with significantly increased flexibility, reliability and performance.

Electrical Test Rack – SEL0075

  • Compact 19” 4U Rugged Test Rack
  • Single USB Interface to Sextans-RT test PC
  • Interchangeable interface cards allows configuration to suit the application
    • Standard rack provides 8 analogue inputs, 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs
    • 5 slots providing 80 I/O Points
    • System supports up to 15 interface cards across multiple racks
  • Fully controllable power supply using Sorion Pyxis LPSC giving full feedback of current draw and voltage
    • 16 / 32 / 64 Volts
    • 5 / 10 / 20 / 40 Amps
  • Industry standard Harting rear panel connectors for interfacing
  • System is expandable to slave racks configured with a selection of I/O cards

electrical test rack


  • SEL0065 Rack Master Card – 8 analogue inputs, 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs. Airbag and low current measurement.
  • SEL0066 Opto Isolated Digital input – 16 inputs
  • SEL0067 Relay Output – 16 outputs at 6 Amps
  • SEL0076 High Side Driver Output – 16 outputs at 6 Amps
  • SEL0057 High Speed Analogue Input – 8 inputs 12 / 16 bits
  • SEL0071 Vehicle Communications – 4 CAN and 4 LIN points
  • SEL0079 Servo Motor Controller – 4 channels
  • SEL0085 Personality Module – Low Current, Hall, Configuration
  • SEL0087 Quad Motor Controller – 15 Amps with Hall Feedback
  • SEL0089.1 Single Channel Motor Controller – High Current
  • SEL0093 4 Channel Airbag Measurement



Fully supported by Sorion’s Sextans-RT operating system and Orion™ Traceability database to allow deployment of large systems with full central management.

Full integration with Sextans and Orion software solutions

Sorion will design you an electrical test system to meet your exact requirements, without compromise

In today’s increasingly competitive, quality-driven manufacturing world, correct assembly, traceability and testing is playing a crucial role in allowing manufacturers to deliver a quality assured product, on time and within budget.