Rugged J1962 OBD2 Connector – 16F30D

Sorion’s J1962 Compliant ruggedised connectors are specifically designed for harsh manufacturing environments

The 16F30D is fully compliant with ISO15031-3.6.  This standard details both the vehicle connector physical dimensions and the requirements of the diagnostics connector.

“Why a ruggedised connector, when the standard vehicle fit suppliers provide J1962 plugs?”

The answer is reliability.

Where cycle time is critical in the factory, it is essential that the diagnostics connector makes every time, week after week without fail.  Sorion Duracon™ connectors are designed to provide 80,000 – 100,000 operations in the harsh shop-floor environment.  The connector is mechanically latched in place picking up on the vehicle connectors latching lug, to release the 16F30D a simple spring loaded release is pressed and this releases the
connector using the reaction force of the 16 spring loaded pins without wearing the vehicle latching lug.

Also it must be remembered that the standard vehicle fit connector has a limited life cycle and it is of the utmost importance that this life is not significantly degraded before the vehicle even leaves the factory.

The centre two pins of the lower row (pins 4 & 5) are raised to ensure grounding contact is made prior to data line contacts. The pins are spring loaded to minimise the wear on the vehicle connector and they are easily replaceable in the event of wear or damage.

Vehicle Fit J1962 compliant with ISO15031-3.6

The 16F30D connector is available as either Type A – 12v or Type B – 24v.

A M16 spiral gland is provided at the rear of the connector to allow strain relief for the incoming diagnostics cable.

Sorion can provide connectors only or made up cable assemblies to your requirements.

For more information contact a member of our sales team, or download the brochure from our Downloads page.