Rigel VCi3 CAN & LIN Communications Module

The Rigel VCi3 is a low cost, powerful, yet easy to use tool for the assembly and diagnostics of automotive vehicles and sub-assemblies.

The Sorion Rigel VCi3 (Versatile Communications Interface) is a micro-processor based system that is specifically designed for the communicating, controlling and testing of bus based vehicle systems and sub-systems. Having CAN, LIN, K Line and RS232 interfaces as well as analogue and isolated digital I/O the Rigel VCi3 can operate as a standalone unit, or as a peripheral to a PC/PLC based system.

The unit (housed in a purposed designed rugged handheld enclosure with rubber hand grips) incorporates a high contrast graphics LCD, eight user configurable push buttons and three status LEDs. Power is taken from either the vehicle (or sub-system) being tested or via the USB interface, operating in the range of 8 – 30V and taking typically less than 100mA. The Rigel VCi3 is ready to use within one second of being switched on, removing the need and complexity of a battery sub-system.

To program the Rigel VCi3 you simply connect to a PC via the opto-isolated USB interface and run the supplied Integrated Development Environment (RConsole). If you appreciate elegance and simplicity of design then you’ll enjoy using Venom-SC, the powerful language built into the Rigel VCi3. Venom-SC is a full-featured, high level programming language designed for writing embedded control applications. On board Flash and Battery backed memory stores both programs and results and are retained after power-down.

Example applications include:

Module Configuration
Seat Test
Window Lift
Specific Fault Code Clearing
PC / PLC to vehicle interface


For more information contact a member of our sales team, visit the VCi3 website, or download the brochure from our Downloads page.