Sextans-RT Process Control & Test Application

In today’s increasingly competitive, quality-driven manufacturing world, correct assembly, traceability and testing is playing a continuously growing part in allowing manufacturers to deliver a quality assured product, on time and on budget.

Sextans-RT is Sorions shop floor process control and testing application. Sextans-RT runs on a Windows based PC and connects to the range of Sorion peripherals (including Pyxis LPSC – PSU, Pyxis P20IO – Digital & Analogue I/O, Rigel VCi4 – Vehicle/ECU communications, Rigel USBIO2 – Rack based analogue and digital I/O).

The assembly serial number and specification are entered into Sextans-RT (via RFID, Barcode or Network) to initialise the process and the operator is guided through the assembly process via plain text and pictures. If a DC Tool is used to perform a fastening, Sextans-RT can automatically select the appropriate job on the DC Tool controller and will store the fastening results against the assembly serial number.

Console Assembly station managed by Sorion Sextans process control software

Communications with Electronic Control Units (ECU) found in many automotive sub-assemblies is readily achieved using a Rigel VCi4 for CAN, LIN and K and can have their installation tested or be configured to suit the application prior to testing.

Sextans process control and electrical testing application

Key Benefits:

  • Process – with assemblies being manufactured to a very high level of variability, it is vitally important to ensure that the assembly is manufactured to match this specification.
  • Test- performs the test schedules required to carry out end-of-line functional inspections on built up assemblies.
  • Traceability – forwards data to an Orion database to provide traceability of all processes and tests on finished assemblies.
  • Re-work – via an Orion database data from previous stations is available at all rework stations (either in-line or off-line) to quickly allow rectification and assembly retesting
  • Integration – to factory assembly tracks, assembly equipment and facilities. Feeds are available from production control systems and assembly ON / NOK status sent to buy-off systems.
  • Management – provides the editors and tools for distribution and storage of test sequences required across the system. Process steps and tests can easily be moved between stations.
  • Support – inbuilt tools to monitor and control all I/O points and log or graph data. Also a centralised view of the whole system’s status is always available.

End of line test with Sextans - monitor and control all I/O points


Data is seamlessly transferred to our traceability database Orion™ where data can be queried (via web browser interface, from anywhere in your organisation) in a number of ways to provide quality assurance and performance statistics geared to manufacturing requirements.

Orion reporting database for traceability of parts

For more information contact a member of our sales team, or download the brochure from our Downloads page.