Guided Assembly Process Control

Guided assembly process control - Console LIne

Guided Assembly Process Control

  • Sextans-RT provides full operator guidance against build specifications
  • Barcode scanning for parts verification and traceability
  • Pick-to-Light system for non serialised parts
  • RFID Tag readers for assembly identification
  • Label printer

Machine Interfaces

    • DC Tooling can be integrated to control the tool and record fastening data for traceability


      • Pick to Light Systems


  • Assembly jigs and fixtures providing Poka Yoke functions
  • Stations can be interlocked with conveyor systems to provide process control and improved operator guidance

Factory Interfaces

  • Full integration with customer build control systems to receive build specifications
  • Andon functions are available to give process status information
  • Output to customer sales buy-off systems to ensure only correct assemblies are supplied
  • All results saved in Sorion’s Orion™ traceability database system

In today’s increasingly competitive, quality-driven manufacturing world, correct assembly, traceability and testing is playing a crucial role in allowing manufacturers to deliver a quality assured product, on time and within budget.