End of Line Electrical Test Systems

Cockpit ETestSorion has many years’ experience in the development of Electrical Test Systems that are used in the testing of automotive sub-assemblies and non-automotive products, with over 100 systems in use around the world.

A proven track record of flexibility coupled with reliability in the tough 24/7 manufacturing environment.

Sorion Electrical Test Systems are currently used on:

  • Automotive and Commercial Seating
  • Aircraft Seats
  • Vehicle Fascias and Cockpits
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaners
  • Vehicle Centre Consoles
  • HVAC Modules and Assemblies
  • Switch packs
  • Doors and Trim Panels

Seat Test  Consol Test  X760 Cockpit Test

Electrical Test – Functions

  • Digital Inputs and Outputs for direct control and feedback
  • Analogue Inputs and Outputs for direct control and feedback
  • Controllable supply voltage and current measurements
  • Controller Area Network (CAN) for diagnostics and control via control units
  • Local Interconnect Network (LIN) for control of intelligent components
  • Flexray for diagnostics and control via control units
  • Servo and Stepper Motor Control
  • Counter and Frequency Measurements and FFT Analysis

End of Line Test – Integrated Fixtures

  • Fixtures providing location, measurements and gauging functions.
  • Poka Yoke tools for parts fitment.
  • Integration of barcode scanners and RFID readers.
  • Electrical / Mechanical systems providing interface to the unit being tested.


Fully controlled by Sorion’s Sextans –RT operating system and Orion™ Traceability database to allow deployment of large integrated systems with full central management.

Sorion will supply you with a system to meet your exact requirements, without compromise.