Fixture and Assembly Jigs

To allow your application to be handled or inspected in a consistent and reliable manner, Sorion can provide fixtures providing location and gauging functions.

Fixture can incorporate Poka Yoke functions to ensure correct part alignment /  fitment.

Fixture can be either automatic or manual in operation to suit the application

All fixtures are designed in 3D CAD using models supplied to ensure correct fit and operation in the virtual space prior to machining parts

Example fixture and assembly jigs recently supplied:

Dyson 1
Robotic vacuum cleaner test and calibration

This fixture / system is used in worldwide services centers to calibrate the various positioning sensors and to test the functions of an advanced robotic cleaner.



Switch pack end-of-line test

This fixture is one of eight interchangeable test heads (for different switch pack assemblies) that connect to a Sorion electrical test system.




Dense Case Study
Vehicle air distribution end-of-line test

This fixture locates and gauges location points of the air mix / distribution. Whilst in the fixture electrical, functional and audio tests are carried out by the Sorion electrical test system.





ECU programming station

This system is used for off-line re-flashing of automotive Electronic Control Units (ECU). The ECU is located on a slide assembly and the ECU connectors are engaged with a rugged connector fitted with spring loaded probes for longevity. Once ECU flashing is complete then the ECU is released.





Weight application for IEE – ODS check

Automotive passenger seats include a sensor to detect the presence of a passenger, this is used to arm the passenger airbag. These fixtures provide a two stage weight application that tests the correct installation into the seat on the assembly line.