Force Application Machines

Force Application Machine (FAM) for automotive seat calibrationSorion has many years’ experience in the development of force application machines (FAM) that are used in the assembly of automotive seats.

The complexity of modern seat design and the legal requirements of Occupancy Classification Systems (OCS) means that seat assemblers (OEM or Tier 1) have to carry out individual seat calibrations and need full traceability of those seats.

These OCS systems are often known by various names such as:

  • PODS (Passive Occupancy Detection Systems)
  • Delphi (one of the system manufacturers)
  • Bladder mat (one of the technologies used)
  • BodySense (one of the technologies used)

Sorion has developed one of the most advanced FAMs available in the world, having a number of innovative features, Sorion Force Application Machines offer:

  • Multi model support
  • Calibrate OCS and ODS equipped seats
  • Flexible for future seat types and Occupancy Classification / Detection Systems

Sorion’s latest generation of FAMs are available as both off-line and on-line machines.


These machines are designed for lower volume manufacturing and have a slide out fixture onto which the seat is placed and locked into position, the fixture is then slid in and the calibration process commenced.

Off Line force application machine (FAM) used for the calibration of Delphi PODS D seats for Jaguar Land Rover vehicles      Off Line force application machine (FAM) used for the calibration of Delphi PODS B seats for VW Group


These machines are designed for higher volume operation and are integrated into an assembly track.

The seats are fed into the FAM by the track system and the calibration and traceability process is automatically initiated.

Upon completion of the calibration process the seat is released and passed forward along the assembly line.

Online FAM (force application machine) for calibration of automotive seats


Fully controlled by Sorion’s Sextans –RT operating system and Orion™ Traceability database to allow deployment of integrated systems with full central management.

Sorion will supply you with a system to meet your exact requirements, without compromise

In today’s increasingly competitive, quality-driven manufacturing world, correct assembly, traceability and testing is playing a crucial role in allowing manufacturers to deliver a quality assured product, on time and within budget.

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