These are some of the common terms and abbreviations used within our industry, many are linked to internal or external sources for further explanation.

CAN – Controller Area Network, most commonly used interface between ECUs

Cockpit – the complete dashboard assembly in a vehicle (same as IP)

DOIP – Diagnostics over IP, using Ethernet as the transport layer for the ODB functions

ECM – Electronic Control Module, within a vehicle or sub-assembly (same as ECU)

ECU  – Electronic Control Unit, within a vehicle or sub-assembly (same as ECM)

EOL – End of Line (where many of Sorions Electrical Test systems are deployed)

ETest – Electrical Test

FAM  – Force Application Machine, used to calibrate OCS and ODS systems in seats

FlexRay – High performance and high integrity interface between ECUs

Infotainment – The overall Radio / Sat Nav / CD / TV / Media system in a vehicle

IP – Instrument Pack, the complete dashboard assembly in a vehicle (same as Cockpit)

J1962 – On Board Diagnostics Connector fitted within the passenger compartment of the vehicle

LIN – Local Interconnect Network, low cost and low speed interface e.g. switch pack to ECU interface

MOST – Media Oriented System Transport, optical high speed interface used in infotainment systems

NAS – North American Specification

OBD – On Board Diagnostics, the means that an external system can communicate / diagnose a vehicle

OCS – Occupancy Classification System, system used to catagorise the occupant of a passenger seat, calibrated in Sorion FAMs

ODS – Occupancy Detection System, system used to detect the presence of an occupant in a passenger seat

PSi5 – Peripheral Sensor Interface, used to communicate from sensors (e.g. Airbag crash sensors) to ECUs within the vehicle

RoW – Rest of World

SRS – Supplementary Restraints System,  the overall airbag system in a vehicle

VCi4 – Versatile Communications interface, Sorions CAN and LIN interface