End of line test systems for automotive seats

The growing complexity and functional diversity of automotive seats coupled with challenging quality targets requires a highly flexible and adaptable test solution.

Sorion Electronics has been delivering test systems to the automotive industry for over 28 years and since then has gained the trust of international OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

Built on Sorion’s established software and compact hardware products, all test systems are adapted to individual customer requirements, resulting in a reliable and efficient solution.

Some of the advanced features we offer include:
  • 3D vision system seat measurement for automatic verification of pneumatic system operation
  • Support for the latest vehicle communication and infotainment interfaces
  • FFT sound analysis to evaluate noise
  • Palletised harnessing allowing automatic seat to test system connection
  • Discrete motor control with feedback for seat sub-assembly testing
  • Fully integrated force application machines (FAMs) for calibration and verification of a range of Occupancy Classification and detection system


Sorion’s test systems are powered by Sextans-RT, which controls the test run, data acquisition and result management.

The overall test system is managed centrally, using Sextans Editor to configure the test stations and user access rights, creation of workflows, data tables and scripts.


All results are stored in the Orion database, allowing for quality assurance and performance reports to be produced.

Orion EMA provides centralised equipment monitoring, availability and event tracking including Andon display and web based reporting of production line performance


Customers benefit from Sorion’s professional service throughout: project management, hardware & software design, manufacture, site installation, commissioning, support and training for self-sufficiency.

We provide engineering skills assisting our customers in developing both the product for assembly and testing as well as using our experience to assist in the design of the assembly and testing lines

For more information please contact us (Tel: 0121 454 8966 or Email sales@sorion.co.uk).