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Windmill End to Worcester August 2008

We left Windmill End after the celibrations and headed to Merry Hill so madam could have a little retail therapy

From Merry Hill and down the Delph fight, in the wind, business as usual for Bluemoon

Travelling down the Stourbridge locks towards Brierley Hill and the famous glass kiln

When we arrived at Stourbridge the Severn was closed due to some rain falling, strange that I thought it all fell on us on the BCN

The next morning the level dropped to amber and we were allowed out onto the Severn. Here a the first lock, Lincomb

The Severn was following well, so swift progress was made. At least we were going down stream, we met a couple of boat fighting there way upstream

The water was a bit brown with mud

As we approached Worcester we became mixed up with the canoe national championships. The canoist can't half paddle fast

Approaching Worcester and the the slower pace of the Worcester and Birmingham canal



BCN Explorer Cruise 13th - 20th August 2008

Brian on Kyle seemed to spend most of his time down the weedhatch. 12 times in one day.

After two nights in town (Birmingham & Wolverhampton) our first night in the countryside at Pelsall. Also a good meal at the Fingerpost pub.

From Pensall a quick run up the Cannock Extension to Norton Cannes and a top up of Diesel

Another night out in the sticks, this time at Anglesy Basin. A lovely evening and a chance to get the barbeque out.

Longwood locks, we all met up here and had a Fish and Chip supper and Brian Jarrett (Kyle) gave us a humorous history of the Russell & Newbury company

From Longwood down Rushall locks to the junction with the Teme Valley

From Rushall Junction along the Teme Valley to Ryders Green

With the best will and planning we still all got stuck in a queue at the bottom of Ryders Green. More debris in the locks slow progress.

Having fought our way up Ryders Green locks we all (34 boats) take over the junction at the top.

No way through

From Ryders Green, up Spon Lane locks, through Netherton tunnel and moored up at Windmill End

The ceremony for the 150th anniversary of the opening of the tunnel will soon be underway, eventually

The crowds are gathering

Here comes the Mayor and the VIPs for the cutting of the ribbon

The ribbon is cut

The band wait to play

President (the oldest working steam powered narrowboat) exits the tunnel

A horse drawn narrowboat

Even more boats exit the tunnel, about 70 in total



Stratford on Avon September 2007

Early morning at Peston Baggot the mist has just cleared

Heading toward Enstone aquaduct - the longest in England

Not as high as a certain Welsh aquaduct but the edge is still very thin !

Crossing the main line

And a not so main road, its still a long way to fall

Moored on the pontoons in Bancroft Basin - Stratford

Bluemoon has become an American and Japanese target for photos

This elagent fountain was full of bubbles last time we we here

On the way back towards Birmingham at Wootton Warren

Bonnie aquired a botfriend at Wootton Warren

Another misty morning at Lowsenford



Maiden Voyage and IWA BCN Campaign Cruise May 2005

Tracey waiting for entry to a lock, we only did 14 locks on our short cruise.

May day, sod the work, the sun is out (amazingly) so we went for a cruise to Hanbury and back. Blue Moon is leaving one of the Astwood locks.

We found this Brasso fairy cleaning the mushrooms

Back in Birmingham on Sunday night

It looks easy looking back at it

The first part of the journey was just to nip up to the top of Tardebigge from Stoke Prior (36 locks)

Waiting at the top of Ryders Green Locks waiting for the pounds to be filled, someone left a paddle up !!

By the time the pounds were filled, there was quite a queue. A rare sight on these locks.

One of the many pieces of "furniture" we found on our travels of the northern BCN.

Blue Moon snuggled up on the windy Walsall Town Arm.

There were about 100 boats shoehorned in.

Saul Canal Festival 1st - 3rd July 2005

The boat that started it all "Firecrest"

We met a group of Americans at Worcester on our way down to Saul

Leaving Diglis lock heading down the Severn following Jason in JL Pinders show boat

The weather wasn't looking it's best...

The horses were moody in the weather by Tewksbury

Look out behind you Steve

A 1930's .....

Tracey at the tiller

Six narrow boats in Gloucester lock

Mooring in Gloucester dock in front of a tall ship "The boat with no name" Jason's show boat

Bonnie fell in trying to jump onto the dock side - something needs to be done....

The solution a doggy life jacket with a handle

Gloucester docks

Leaving Gloucester on Friday morning seemed more like a Le Mans start after the bridge opened and let us done the Gloucester and Sharpness canel

Moored at Saul - one of about 300 boats

It was a long walk passed Blue Moon to the end of the moorings

Slimbridge on a very very wet Monday lunchtime

Coming back to Gloucester, the Sabrina floating theatre is transported back from Saul

Llanthony bridge at the entrance to Gloucester docks

Coming back up the Worcester & Birmingham canal, British Waterways edge to edge clean up pledge seems a little wanting - spot the tow path..

IWA Diamond Jubilee - Tardebigge August 2005

The steamer President moored by Tardebigge top lock

President getting up steam ready for the parade

President and Butty Kildare heading towards Tardebigge tunnel

Blue Moon in the company of President

The plaque comemorating the diamond jubilee by Tardebigge top lock

Re-enactment of the meeting of Tom Rolt and Robert Aikman at the foundation of the IWA

To say it was wet at the ceremony was an understatement

Along side the IWA diamond jubilee celebrations the 60th aniverary of VE day was also celebrated.