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Our travels in 2010

The three bridges on the BCN Old line

It is amazing how clean the water is by the Bradley Arm, this is the pumped water from the old mine workings

Looking up the Engine Arm off the BCN Old Line

They had just lost a 500 pair of glasses and were desperately trying to find them. They failed :(

Jerry had to remove Muriels windmill to clear some of the lower bridges on the Old line

Heading towards junction 1 on the M5, we were going faster than the traffic above us !!!

On the BCN Old line passing over the Netherton Arm

On the BCN Old Line with an old accomodation bridge underneath the M5

Smethwick pump house sits between the BCN Old line and the New line below

Bluemoon moored at Longwood boat club

Cylpso had problems and hitched a tow from Moonstone

Moonstone towed Cylpso along the Daw End from Longwood to Brownhills before seperating

Chasewater reservoir is drained for repair works to the leaking dam

There is a lot of water missing and will take a long time to fill once the repairs are finished

Jerry videos the lack of water

Feeder from the reservoir was dry

Gostley tunnels seems plenty high enough as you enter it

Whoops who lowered the roof, looks like Dracula has had a hand in it

Yes it definately low in here

The entrance to the tunnel at the Hawne Basin end

Traffic jam on the Wurlly and Essington is almost unheard of. A tree had come down over night and the BW lads were doing their bit to clear it

Had to photo this idiotic aerial attachment, one good gust and he won't be able to watch England loose !!!

Bluemoon moored at the Waterfront and Merry Hill

Waterfront at Merry Hill is a lot quieter now the clubs have closed

Heading into Netherton Tunnel towards Windmill End

Heading into Netherton Tunnel, leaving Windmill End

We have often seen this boat out and about, the whole cabin is finished in render and painted magnolia

The front of the "Plaseted Boat" as we call it

Travlling down Ryders Green locks

Heading into Birmingham at Selly Oak has a new temporary obstical, the new aquaduct being built for the Selly Oak bypass

Its a bit narrow passing over the temporary cut

No room to spare

When you head out of Birmingham it is not at all obvious where the canal goes

The BW department of pointless signs has been out in force around the BCN. It would take an olymipian with a very long rod to risk getting a shock

Why bother the fishermen obviously don't

Most of the signs now look like this, money well spent Robin

Visitors on the South Stratford new Wooton Warren

What you cooking ?

Heading upto Titford Pump House

Moored beside the old maltings at Titford

Its a shame that the fire bombers have ruined this fabulous old building, guess it will get knocked down

Toby our grandson visited us at Titford