EV Battery Safety Testing


Prior to batteries being delivered to the assembly line, a safety check needs to be performed to ensure the battery is inert before being fitted to the vehicle.

This is to ensure the operatives on the production line are not working with a live battery fitted to the electrical systems.

The Sorion team designed a compact system that is already being used by several automotive OEMs to test battery safety before fitting it to the vehicle.

  • Self contained test station
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Small footprint – compact and portable design

Solid design ensures
years of reliable performance

Integration with customer
manufacturing systems

Flexibility of configuration
to suit the application


The test trolley is made from extruded aluminium framework and is equipped with standard measurement and control components including a test PC, test rack, digital multimeter box.

The mid-point harness assembly is fitted to the front edge of the trolley with the harness connections beneath it.

Sorion will design and manufacture a ruggedised harness for mating to the battery connectors. A custom ruggedised test dock is also manufactured for parking the connector into when not being used.


The battery inert tester is controlled by Sorion’s Sextans test software running on a touch screen PC.

Sextans offers an easy to use and intuitive interface designed for the production environment. It delivers both consistency and reliability by controlling the key test parameters.


The operator scans the battery barcode to initiate the test cycle.

The system will check that the connector is present in the test dock and will run a self-check on harness integrity.

The operator is then prompted to unplug the harnesses from the check docks and plug them into the battery. The voltage across the battery is checked.

At the end of test the operator is prompted to disconnect the test harnesses and return them to the check dock.

A clear pass or fail indication alerts the operator of the status of each unit, based on the customer’s test standards. Pass/Fail Result are then sent to PLC.


The Battery Inert Tester has a modular architecture allowing us to build customised systems tailored to individual customer requirements.

Step-by-step test routines can be quickly and easily created in Sextans according to the exact requirements of each customer’s testing procedures.

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