The Pyxis P20IO is a USB based interface with 20 lines of real world I/O, USB and serial ports and is designed to allow a PC system to provide interface and control functions.

An installation can be easily expanded using multiple slave units to provide additional and distributed I/O using Sorion’s proprietary CAN based interface.

The Pyxis P20IO offers a cost effective solution providing flexibility of installation and reliability in industrial, scientific, commercial and educational installations.

The Pyxis P20IO is plug-and-play with Microsoft Windows 10.


Connectors for interface wiring

  • Opto-isolated USB connection to PC (master only)
  • Two High-speed USB ports provided by internal USB hub (master only)
  • One RS232 Serial Port with 5V power (master only)
  • LED Indication of PC connection (master only), fault and slave link status
  • Remote slave link using RJ45 cabling

Two-part Phoenix connectors for I/O wiring providing:

  • Eight opto-isolated digital inputs arranged in two banks of four. The common for each bank allows for active high, low or AC operation
  • Four volt-free relay digital outputs. The common allows for high, low or signal switching
  • Four solid state driver outputs with individual current feedback
  • Four single ended analogue inputs
  • 24V DC operation

Technical data

Power supply24V DC @ 100mAmp per module
5 Volt Output5V DC
Digital input8 opto-isolated @ 5-30V
Analogue input4 off 0-24V 12 bit resolution – single ended
Relay Output4 off volt-free relays @ 3 Amp maximum
HSD Output4 off solid state HSD each @ 1 Amp with current feedback and a 2 Amp total bank current, short circuit protected
I/O terminationPhoenix two-part connectors
OS SupportWindows 10 – USB interfaced
DimensionsH 42mm x W 133mm x D 133mm
Part numberSEL0077 v2