WhoshouldIsee Tracks Production control and traceability solution at Gardner Denver

Production control and traceability solution


A complete production control solution to guide, control and verify the assembly operations at the customer’s compressor manufacturing facility in Redditch, Worcestershire.

Customer: Gardner Denver
Industry: Industrial Equipment
Location: Redditch, UK

Gardner Denver assembly station


Gardner Denver has selected Sorion for the implementation of a complete production control solution at their compressor manufacturing plant in Redditch, Worcestershire.

The goal of the project was to improve the quality of the assembly processes to help the customer achieve IATF (International  Automotive Task Force) 16949 certification.

The brief included incorporating operator control workstations, integration with Gardner Denver build schedules and overall traceability with archiving of historical data for the manufactured product.


Gardner Denver is a world leading manufacturer of compressors, construction equipment, mining rock excavation and industrial tools.

Error proofing

Controlled process with no faults forward

Tool integration

Electronic torque/angle tooling, gauge and test system integration


Full traceability using the Orion database


Sorion was able to present a robust error-proofing solution based on their standard software and hardware products integrated with Gardner Denver’s systems to guide, control and verify the assembly operations.

The compressor assembly line has 9 process areas: 5 assembly stations, 2 test stations, 1 kitting station, 1 dispatch station and 1 rework station.

A management station is used for generating the build schedules on the assembly line.

Each station uses a separate all-in-one PC touch panel running Sextans-RT, Sorion’s process control and test application.

The flexibility of Sextans allows the Sorion software team to interface to the customer’s existing Letia air end test and Mitutoyo gauge equipment. This resulted in a manufacturing system that is easy to control and run.

Furthermore, electronic torque/angle tooling is integrated, allowing the system to automatically select the correct tool and fastening program for the product variant in the station.


As the products progress through the assembly line, they are identified via barcode scanner. Once the item is identified the working procedures, material needs, and tool requirements are known by the system.

Sextans provides an on-screen, step-by-step guidance for every product on the line to ensure that the correct component and tool is used in each process.
Sextans Editor is used to configure all process control stations, including user access rights, global barcode definition / MES Interfaces, creation of workflows, data tables and scripts

Every step is recorded and any issues highlighted can be addressed immediately. The results are automatically recorded in the Orion database, creating a clear audit trail of every process that has been undertaken.

Since rolling out the solution, process accuracy and quality have increased significantly.

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