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Bespoke electrical end of line test equipment


Sorion has many years of experience in the development of Electrical Test Systems that are used in the testing of automotive sub-assemblies and non-automotive products.

With over 100 systems in operation around the world, Sorion test equipment has a proven track record of flexibility coupled with reliability in the tough 24/7 manufacturing environment.

End of line test station for automotive cockpit


End of line test systems are used to do a final test on completed products to ensure that they have been assembled correctly and work within designated parameters. They can measure the functionality of electronic control units, mechanical parts and related systems


  • Testing of components
  • End of line testing of sub-assemblies
  • End of line testing of complete products
  • Quality assurance

Bespoke test systems

Optimised, fully automated test systems

Solid design

Equipment designed for true 24/7 operation

Full system traceability

Data storage for post-test analysis and statistics

Sorion Electrical Test Systems are currently used on:


  • Digital Inputs and Outputs for direct control and feedback
  • Analogue Inputs and Outputs for direct control and feedback
  • Controllable supply voltage and current measurements
  • Controller Area Network (CAN) for diagnostics and control via control units
  • Local Interconnect Network (LIN) for control of intelligent components
  • Servo and Stepper Motor Control
  • Counter and Frequency Measurements and FFT Analysis


Bench mechanics are designed to achieve the best performance in terms of reliability, small space requirements and speed, giving the fastest cycle time possible.


Sorion’s test systems are powered by Sextans-RT, which controls the test run, data acquisition and result management.


Our customers benefit from Sorion’s professional service throughout: project management, hardware & software design, manufacture, site installation, commissioning, support and training.


Sorion offers customised fixturing solutions to ensure a fixed environment in which tests are run so that results are repeatable.

Test fixtures can be either automatic or manual in operation to suit the application and can incorporate the following:

  • Location, measurements and gauging functions
  • Poka Yoke tools to ensure correct part alignment/fitment
  • Integration of barcode scanners and RFID readers
  • Electrical / Mechanical systems providing interface to the unit being tested.

All fixtures are designed in 3D CAD using models supplied to ensure correct fit and operation in the virtual space prior to machining parts.

Once in the Orion™ database, data can be queried (via a web browser interface from anywhere within your organisation) in a number of ways to provide quality assurance and performance statistics geared to manufacturing requirements. The storage used is highly flexible, effectively learning the shop floor client data structures as they are passed in. Orion™ may therefore be used with a range of input sources; provided by Sorion or as a reporting front end to third party systems.

Example projects

automotive cockpit end of line test stations
End of line test stations for automotive cockpit
Electrical testing of the Dyson 360 eye robot
Test equipment for the 360 Eye vacuum cleaner
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Process control and Traceability solution at IAC

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