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Sorion Electronics has been delivering test systems to the automotive industry for over 30 years and since then has gained the trust of international OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

Built on Sorion’s established software and compact hardware products, all test systems are adapted to individual customer requirements, resulting in a reliable and efficient solution.
We also provide complete traceability so you can prove all components meet specification and easily create yield and quality reports.

end of line test for automotive

Automotive Seats

The growing complexity and functional diversity of automotive seats coupled with challenging quality targets requires a highly flexible and adaptable test solution.

Our test systems for automotive seats are tailored to each customer’s individual testing task.

Some of the advanced features we offer include:
  • 3D vision system seat measurement for automatic verification of pneumatic system operation
  • Support for the latest vehicle communication and infotainment interfaces (A2B, APIX)
  • FFT sound analysis to evaluate noise
  • Palletised harnessing allowing automatic seat to test system connection
  • Discrete motor control with feedback for seat sub-assembly testing
  • Fully integrated force application machines (FAMs) for calibration and verification of a range of Occupancy Classification and detection system
Automotive seat tester


Sorion’s test systems for cockpits test for the correct connectivity of individual components by simple electrical connectivity tests or via CAN, LIN. DoIP or Flexray communications as appropriate.

Where available, the system records part numbers, serial numbers and firmware revision. This also adds extra traceability to the manufacturing and test process.

End of line test stations

HVAC systems

Sorion’s technology enables you to simulate the actual vehicle conditions for controlling each HVAC unit, allowing you to find defects before they become bigger issues down the line.

Test functions include:

  • Servo motor test
  • Blower motor test
  • Noise and vibration analysis

Assembly Aids

Sorion has extensive experience in implementing bespoke assembly and test aids (tools) for use during the assembly process of sub-assemblies and complete products.

Sorion Assembly Aids are designed to survive the harsh environment of the vehicle assembly shop. They are ergonomically designed with functionality and durability being of paramount consideration.

Assembly aids

Other Automotive Components

Over the 30 years of working with automotive manufacturers, we have provided hundreds of systems for testing various automotive components: doors and trim panels, centre consoles, switch packs etc.

Our technology is flexible and configurable to test virtually any automotive sub-assembly.

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