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Orion™ QTR (Quality & Traceability Reporting) is a powerful data storage and analytics system specifically designed for deployment within the automotive and manufacturing industries.

Traceability through detailed records of manufacturing data
The system collects traceable shop floor data into a single, accessible database. It also provides a set of analysis and reporting tools that allow all decision-makers and problem-solvers in the organisation to quickly resolve quality or performance issues.

Orion traceability software


Orion captures data from a variety of sources in a manufacturing environment. The type of information recorded will vary, but some of the more commonly collected information includes: station, shift, time, build no., component serial numbers, test systems, tool controllers, measured values and visual inspection data.

This data is identified against a unique ID (often VIN) along with time and location and stored a single, centralised database

Data is easily recalled from the database for re-analysis later. This is key to solving production problems when they occur and optimising tests and processes.


  • Mechanical Assembly – OK – NOK inputs, Distance, Pressure and Load Measurements, Images
  • Traceability – Part ID, Batch & Serial number, Weld & Filling data, Date & Time, Location
  • Critical Fastenings – Torque & Angle, Tool ID, Re-work management
  • Electrical Test – Voltage, Current, & Resistance, Part ID, CAN / LIN / Flexray diagnostics results


Full data audit trail of all processes

Detailed Reports

Use data to improve quality and assist in seamless manufacturing

Central Database

Central point of storage for all production data

System components


All of the data collected by Orion™ is stored in a MS SQL database held on a central server. To ensure the robustness of the system, a separate process handles communications with the shop floor stations via HTTP XML transport providing transaction logging and good firewall performance. The database schema is based on many years’ experience in the manufacturing arena and is optimised for efficient storage with rapid indexing and presentation of data. 


The results analysis and reporting functions of Orion™ allow location and assembly based views of the stored data. The system shows latest and all results for a specific assembly, the most common failures by station / zone and provides parameter access to examine the historic trend of value data (e.g. DC tooling fastening torque).

Key benefits

  • Traceability – the primary aim is to provide traceability of all processes on product assemblies. This data is used to guide the rectification processes, to allow buy off of assemblies and to provide short-term traceability history and manufacturing performance statistics.
  • Analysis – Standard reports provide an insight into the performance of your manufacturing process. The data is always available and up to date.
  • Access – Users can access the monitoring and analytics systems via secure web interfaces
  • Integration – The system provides a central repository for the storage of all critical data. This can also be used by other company systems to improve quality and assist in seamless manufacturing.
  • Data management – providing services for distribution and storage of data associated with the system including archive.
  • Support – The system allows a centralised view of the whole system’s current and past performance.

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