Error proofing for industrial assembly and picking applications


What is the Pick to Light system?
Pick to Light is a paperless picking system that enables you to reduce picking errors. The system guides the operator by light illumination to pick the correct parts and quantities, in the correct sequence for an assembly process.
It aids rapid and precise selection of parts in dynamic pick situations and is commonly used within warehouses and is increasingly being used on production assembly lines for the purpose of “kitting”.


Sorion’s Sextans pick to light software is known throughout the automotive industry for its versatility and accuracy. It can be easily configured to match each customer’s requirements.

Pick-to-Light can be used in combination with guided assembly systems and assembly jigs to help improve production efficiency through a system of visual and intuitive work, ensuring the quality and accuracy of assembly operations.

The system helps to reduce material handling and processing times and provides full flexibility to adapt to constant changes in production systems.


  • Easy to mount and reconfigure
  • Ergonomic and robust light modules
  • Integration with guided assembly systems and assembly jigs
  • Scalable and flexible


Pick-to-Light for automotive kitting

Pick-to-light ensures that kits are assembled quickly and accurately and are delivered to the next stage of production at the right time.


Pick-to-light installed at multi-variant assembly stations removes errors, speeds up build time, and simplifies the training process.


Quick and accurate order picking, stocking and replenishment

System components


The Pick by Light system consists of the following components:

  • Control computer with an interface to communicate with the pick-to-light controller using a TCP protocol via an Ethernet connection
  • Pick to line controller (the quantity depends on the system size)
  • Light modules: one per storage location


Driven by Sorion’s pick-to-light control engine, the system interfaces with the core Sextans-RT software, allowing easy configuration.

This enables full integration with a guided assembly system, with assembly jigs and fixtures and web-based Orion traceability and reporting.

Sorion’s software informs and records the part reference, which bin the part is in, the quantities that need picking for each build variant and a part description.

Operator guidance software


Each light module is assigned a unique address via the issue of an address assignment command whilst the confirm button on the target module is being held. This quick and simple mechanism allows for rapid reconfiguration and/or module swap-out should there be the need.

The confirmation button on the modules is available in a seven colour option. This opens up a variety of additional process quality improvements by using different light colour assignments.


Two versions of the pick to light controller are available:

  • A basic unit is capable of controlling up to 50 modules
  • Larger controllers are also available that can control up to 250 modules over 5 runs of AI-Net; via RS485 connected junction boxes a total of 7999 modules can be controlled from a single Ethernet connection

pick to light controller


AI-Net provides both power and communications to the modules in runs of twin core flat form cable held within a unique aluminium extrusion that also locates the pick to light modules.

pick to light for assembly

Pick to Light Starter Kit

We have put together a standard Pick to Light kit that allows you to get started with a smaller project or to test the technology on a pilot project before scaling up.

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