The Compact Test Rack is the latest generation of electrical test hardware from Sorion Electronics.

The self contained unit is the mini version of Sorion’s standard test rack. The system enables engineers to design and implement highly flexible systems to simulate, measure and validate the functionality of automotive and non-automotive sub-assemblies.


There are basic hardware elements of a Sorion test system:

  • Test rack: provides the framework for the system. It houses a fully controllable power supply giving full feedback of current draw and voltage
  • Interchangeable cards


  • Testing of components
  • In process testing
  • EOL testing of sub-assemblies
  • Quality assurance

Flexibility of configuration

Interchangeable interface cards allow configuration to suit the application

Solid design

Ensures years of reliable performance

Full system traceability

System Components


  • 3 slots for interface cards
  • The interchangeable interface cards allow configuration to suit the customer’s application
  • The unit is also available with a built-in 7” ePanel PC
  • CAN, LIN support
  • Industry standard Harting rear panel connectors for interfacing


  • ePanel version: 10BT Ethernet & USB
  • Standard version: USB


The interchangeable interface cards provide the individual communications, control and test functions needed to enable the overall end of line test system to be able to fulfil its requirements.

The variety and flexibility of interface cards is the main strength of the test system. They allow our engineers to design a configuration to suit the customers’ individual application.

The current range of interface cards:

SEL0065 Rack Master Card – 8 analogue inputs, 8 digital inputs
and 8 digital outputs. Airbag and low current measurement.
SEL0066 Opto Isolated Digital input – 16 inputs
SEL0067 Relay Output – 16 outputs at 6 Amps
SEL0076 High Side Driver Output – 16 outputs at 6 Amps
SEL0057 High Speed Analogue Input – 8 inputs 12 / 16 bits
SEL0071 Vehicle Communications – 4 CAN and 4 LIN points
SEL0079 Servo Motor Controller – 4 channels
SEL0085 Personality Module – Low Current, Hall, Configuration
SEL0087 Quad Motor Controller – 15 Amps with Hall Feedback
SEL0089.1 Single Channel Motor Controller – High Current
SEL0093 4 Channel Airbag Measurement
SEL0101 Modular Interface Carrier Card (MICC)

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