End of Line Test System


Sorion were tasked to design, manufacture and supply a bespoke test unit to validate the correct operation of the eMove Mode2 electric vehicle charger.

Industry: Automotive
Location: Norway


Sorion were tasked to design, manufacture and supply a bespoke test unit to validate the correct operation of the eMove Mode2 charger.
The project also involved the installation of the system at the customer’s manufacturing facility in Norway.
Collection and storage of detailed test result information was also part of the brief.


DEFA are the world leader in electrical preheating and charging systems and the largest provider of EV charging solutions in the Nordics.


Reliable test equipment based on established Sorion technologies

Custom built test system

Optimised, fully automated test process to ensure the shortest cycle time


Bespoke quality assurance and performance reports produced


Working closely with the DEFA team from the planning phase through to completion, we have built a bespoke end of line test unit based on established Sorion technologies.
The system features two individual working stations, each fitted with the following equipment:

  • Vision system to detect the status of the LEDs on the unit
  • PC running Sextans process control software
  • Fixture to ensure that the unit under test is always held and in the correct place
  • Pneumatically operated button press system
  • Laser engraving device
  • Barcode scanner
  • Function buttons
  • Light guards

The two working stations also share the following hardware: AC PSU, AC Load, label printer, A4 laser printer.


The operator scans the unique ID on the charger, performs a visual inspection, then loads the unit into the fixture and connects the mains Schuko plug and the Type 2 socket.
The system then commences the automated tests by running through the following functionality and safety checks:.

  • Charging function test
  • Button functional test using the automated button presser
  • Voltage range test
  • PE protection test
  • RCD protection test

If the unit passes the test, the system will proceed to the configuration process.
A unique serial number is generated and all test result data will be saved against this number for traceability and data analytics.
The system will then laser etch the serial number to the case.
A rating label is printed for attaching to the rear of the unit. The operator is then instructed to remove the unit and attach the label.


The system is controlled by Sorion’s Sextans test software, which manages the test process, data acquisition and result management.
All test results are stored in Orion, Sorion’s powerful web based database, allowing for bespoke quality assurance and performance reports to be produced.

Self-contained test station built for the DEFA EV charger
Sextans controls the process
Button functional test using the
automated button presser

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