Pyxis LPSC

The Pyxis LPSC is a precision power supply control interface, connected via an opto-isolated USB port, specifically designed to remotely control a range of EA laboratory power supply units (PSU). Power supplies are available at 16, 32 & 64 volt nominal outputs with 320 and 640 watt power outputs.

The Pyxis-LPSC provides control of the set voltage and current limit and gives feedback of the actual voltage and current.

On a 16v / 640w PSU the output voltage is programmable from 0 – 16V and the current 0 – 40A.
The PSU is short circuit and overload protected. In the case of an overload the PSU automatically changes from voltage regulation mode into current regulation mode. The PSU is also equipped with over voltage protection if for any reason voltage exceeds 16V

The Pyxis LPSC draws operating power from a fixed voltage supply on the EA PSU control port. The USB port is powered by the USB supply from the host PC

LPSC in-situ on an EA Power Supply
Pyxis LPSC in-situ on an EA Power Supply

Control of the Pyxis LPSC is by the Sorion Binary Protocol over a USB connection.

The Pyxis-LPSC is fully plug and play with Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 7.

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