Editing Suite for Sextans Process Control Application


The replacement for Sextans Editor, Workspace Manager is the new management software for Sorion’s Sextans Runtime application.

The general layout has been designed with ease of use in mind, allowing you to easily configure Locations, Users, Process Workflow steps and manufacturing equipment.


Sextans systems are managed centrally. Workspace Manager is used to configure all on-line process control stations, including:

  • Definition and configuration of the physical test stations and user access rights
  • Global barcode definition / MES Interfaces
  • Creation of workflows, data tables and scripts
  • Configure Locations, Users and manufacturing equipment

Using Workspace Manager, data is released to the production environment, a backup of the current data is made prior to publishing.

Workspace Manager main screen



Workspace Manager has two modes: Basic mode and Advanced mode.

  • Basic view: presents the bare minimum of controls required for day to day use
  • Advanced view: provides the full set of options for the advanced user


Workspace Manager introduces “Working Sets” (‘WS’), an environment within the dataset (‘DS’) that allows you to segregate your changes from the master data. This allows multiple users to be developing and maintaining a project in separation from one another. This hugely reduces the risk of half complete changes being released to the line before completion.

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