Sextans-RT Release 1.9.1

Sorion Electronics announced a new release of Sextans-RT, demonstrating continued investment in their shop floor process control and testing application.

Sextans is a highly flexible process control application used by high profile clients worldwide (Denso, Dyson, Grupo Antolin, IAC, JLR, Lear Corporation, LEVC and more) to aid assembly, testing and data capture applications.

New features in Sextans 1.9.1 include:

Support for user Andon events with Orion EMA & OEE integration
  • Cycle time and counts can be updated from the central server
  • User Andon events F1-F4 added plus an optional andon audio alert
Table improvements
  • Direct reading from XLS and XLSX files in to tables
  • Filtering of data within tables
Login Script to process actions before login screen (specific logout activities)
Abort, Estop and Exit processing log the State, Script and line the event occurred on.

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