End-of-line testing and calibration of PODS


Sorion has many years’ experience in the development of force application machines (FAM) that are used in the assembly of automotive seats.

The continuous development and innovation of car seats with regard to safety and comfort and the legal requirements of Passive Occupant Detection Systems (PODS) permanently increases testing requirements in terms of creating flexible and extensive test procedures.

What is a Force Application Machine?

Force Application Machine (FAM) provides a controlled environment to perform an end-of-line calibration test on the safety relevant occupant classification system components of an automotive passenger seat.

Sorion has developed one of the most advanced FAMs available in the world, having a number of innovative features, offering:

  • Multi-model support
  • High accuracy and flexibility
  • Calibration of OCS and ODS equipped seats
  • Flexible for future seat types and Occupancy Classification / Detection Systems

The car seat is positioned in the test cell and then automatically calibrated by moving the adjustable elements of the seat and by applying a predetermined load pressure via a Seat Butt-Form.


  • Flexibility for future seat types and Occupancy Classification Systems
  • On-line or off-line machines
  • Multi-model support

Passenger safety

High-precision seat calibration to increase passenger safety

Solid design

Solid design ensures years of reliable performance

Full system traceability

Types of FAMs


These machines are designed for lower volume manufacturing and rework and have a slide out fixture onto which the seat is placed and locked into position. The fixture is then slid in and the calibration process commenced.


These machines are designed for higher volume operation and are integrated into an assembly track.

The seats are fed into the FAM by the track system and the calibration and traceability process is automatically initiated.

Upon completion of the calibration process the seat is released and passed forward along the assembly line.

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