Sorion develops Fleetware control application for autonomous mobile robots

Following our strategy of continuous product development, Sorion engineers are developing Fleetware, an application to be used for the overall control of a fleet of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) in a manufacturing environment.

What is AMR technology and how does it differ from AGVs?

As the manufacturing process is evolving, factories are moving away from Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to more intelligent mobile robots for transporting materials between individual production stages.

AGVs have limited onboard intelligence and need to be guided by wires, magnetic strips, or sensors, which typically require extensive facility updates.

In contrast, AMRs (also known as AIVs, Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles) can independently navigate in a dynamic environment using data from cameras and built-in sensors and laser scanners as well as sophisticated software to avoid obstacles, using the best route to target.

The role of Fleetware

When multiple AMRs operate within an area, they require a robust management system for monitoring the fleet and interfacing with shop floor processes.
Fleetware performs this critical function of fleet management, coordinating up to 100 robots simultaneously to enable large-scale deployments for manufacturing applications.

Features include:
  • Management and assignment of tasks
  • Fleet simulation
  • Prioritisation of jobs across fleet
  • Processing the incoming build information supplied by the factory systems
  • Availability and OEE via Orion-EMA
  • Fleet monitoring (AMR status, battery level, mission in progress, Wi-Fi signal strength, etc.)
We have recently been awarded a project to integrate a fleet of mobile robots into a new production line for an automotive subassembly. Check back soon for more information on this project.