As of 29 May 2020
With the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we believe it’s important to update you about how Sorion Electronics is responding to the outbreak.

In line with the latest UK government information, Sorion has scaled back it’s physical operations to cover only essential activities that can’t be carried out from home and early on implemented home working for a significant proportion of it’s staff.

Business Continuity at Sorion

  • Sorion staff members have laptops and are enabled to work remotely
  • Our business information systems can be accessed remotely over secure connections. This enables us to continue normal business processes with little or no disruption.
  • The majority of our customers have introduced site access restrictions / closures and we anticipate that this will continue, certainly until mid May.
  • Meetings are using digital platforms and Sorion not allowing visitors to our site.
  • Sorion is ensuring social distancing and hygiene measures are enforced on site.

Sorion would like to thank you for your support and patience in these uncertain times. Our team will continue to monitor all updates to UK Government policy and guidance and will provide regular updates to keep you informed of additional measures.

Most importantly, look after yourselves, your families and friends, your colleagues and stay safe.