Using ProGlove LEO scanners with Sorion’s Sextans software

The ProGlove family of barcode scanners are industry leading wireless scanners designed to be mounted on the hand, providing instant, reliable scanning of barcodes whilst leaving the operator with both hands free to focus on their job.

The LEO scanner integrates seamlessly over Bluetooth directly with Sorion’s Sextans process control software for manufacturing and warehouse fulfilment operations.

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1:
Launch the pairing app from the Sextans home screen

Step 2:
Scan the QR code to pair the scanner and Sextans via Bluetooth

About the ProGlove LEO

LEO is ProGlove’s latest wearable barcode scanner. This entry-level product aims particularly at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). LEO delivers immediate benefits and allows for an effortless transfer into the world of wearable barcode scanning with ProGlove.

  • 10 – 70cm scan range
  • Optic haptic and acoustic feedback
  • Battery life of 4,000 scans
  • Bluetooth interface


The partnership is part of Sorion’s strategy of combining their proven engineering experience with carefully selected automation technologies. Customers will benefit from Sorion’s industry process knowledge combined with best-in-class wearable barcode scanning technology that ProGlove offer.