Put to Light Order Sorting System


The design and installation of a Put to Light system to sort an incoming bulk shipment into shipping bags.

CustomerTransGlobal Freight Management Ltd
Industry: Logistics
Location: UK


With future growth expected and a need to better accommodate seasonal peaks in order volume,
TransGlobal’s management team began to research order fulfilment solutions that would support the increased throughput.

Specifically, the company sought to implement a semi-automated order sorting system that would allow 2 operators to sort the individual parcels of a bulk shipment into bags. Their goal was to significantly improve processing speed and accuracy.


TransGlobal Freight Management Ltd is one of the UK’s leading independent international freight forwarding companies. 

Improved Accuracy

The right parcels are placed in the right location every time


Faster sorting times


The flexibility of the system allows for easy reconfiguration and expansion


After evaluating TransGlobal’s business needs and budget, Sorion designed and built a Put-to-Light system including a sorting rack consisting of 45 compartments.

The Put-to-Light process engineered by the Sorion team is a simple and effective solution for breaking down batch picked products into smaller individual orders.

To allow for two simultaneous operators, each compartment was fitted with 2 light indicators that correspond by colour to a specific operator barcode reader (red and blue).

The system is controlled by Sorion’s Sextans software, from driving the light indicators to printing the shipping labels.

When a batch of parcels to be sorted arrives at the Put-to-Light station, the operators will scan each item individually. For each parcel scanned the light module on the correct bag destination is illuminated, allowing operators to place the item in the right location every time.

Bags are attached to the sorting rack using a hooking method for ease of removal and replacement.

Once an item is placed, the operator will confirm task completion by pressing the button on the light module or by activating the detection finger. When a bag is full, the operator scans the barcode above the bag which will initiate the printout of a label to be affixed.

This process is repeated until all items are consolidated in the correct bags. When the shipment is complete, the system generates an output file to the supplier’s requirements detailing the sorting that has occurred.


Before the Put-to-Light system was introduced, operators had to go through paper-based records and match parcels to orders manually. Mistakes couldn’t be completely avoided.

Since the installation of the Put-to-Light system in 2020, TransGlobal was able to remove errors in the order sorting process and significantly improve processing speed.

An added benefit of the intuitive, visual sorting system is that it requires minimal training for new employees and temporary staff.

The operator scans the barcode on each item
The operator confirms task completion by pressing the button or by activating the limit switch
Sextans controls the process
The lights indicate where the items need to be placed
Bags are attached to the rack using a hooking method for ease of removal and replacement

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