Pick-to-Light Applications


A Put to Light system uses light modules to direct operators to the correct location to put items into (As opposed to a Pick-to-Light system, where lights direct operators to locations to pick items from)

The system uses the same hardware as Pick-to-Light.


Put to Light is a sorting method to break down batch picked products into smaller individual orders. The solution is perfect for ecommerce order fulfilment and distribution.

Light modules are often used on picking carts, put-walls and other sorting solutions. The operator will scan a barcode on individual items and the lights will indicate where the item needs to be placed.

Put to Light devices have a multicoloured confirmation button. This allows for several operators in the same area.


  • Quick and accurate order sorting
  • Intuitive to use, meaning short employee training times
  • Cost-effective system
The operator scans the barcode on each item
The lights indicate where the items need to be placed
The operator places the item in the correct location and presses the button for acknowledgement
When an order is complete, the bag is closed and a label is printed.
Put to Light controller, Barcode scanners, Label printer
Sextans controls the process

Put to Light modules

Our most popular devices are below. For more details please get in touch

This is the simplest module used where there will only ever be one part picked per cycle

Non-digit module, includes sensor (within 15cm)

Non-digit module with limit switch


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