Pick-to-Light Applications


Pick-to-light systems installed at multi-variant assembly stations help remove errors and significantly speed up build time.

Digital work instructions (running on touchscreen PCs) guide operators step by step through complex tasks.


Often several product variants are assembled at an assembly workstation. A large number of product variants, as well as similar components can lead to problems with quality and performance.

Pick-to-Light systems used in combination with Guided Assembly Systems help improve production efficiency through a system of visual and intuitive work, ensuring the quality and accuracy of assembly operations.


Sextans software controls the process and provides step by step guidance to complete complex assemblies quickly and accurately. 

When a part is needed in an assembly process, the LED indicator lights up, and the display shows the required quantity.

Pick to light system for manufacturing and assembly applications

Pick to Light modules

Our most popular devices are below. For more details please get in touch

This is the simplest module used where there will only ever be one part picked per cycle

Non-digit module, includes sensor (within 15cm) for automatic acknowledgement

The 4 digit display is used to imply pick quantity with pick confirmation being given via the pressing of a large illuminated button.

4 digit display including sensor whereby the pick is determined via either movement beneath the module (within 15cm) or by button press.


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