WhoshouldIsee Tracks Vehicle Communications Module VCi4 CAN & LIN | Sorion Electronics

CAN & LIN Interface for Vehicle Electronics


The Sorion VCi4 (Vehicle Communications Interface) is a high performance interface for advanced vehicle diagnostics.

The VCi4 is a micro-processor based system that is specifically designed for the communicating, controlling and testing of bus based vehicle systems and sub-systems. It can operate as a standalone unit or installed in a Sorion test rack.


The VCi4 enables customer specific software solutions to be implemented.
Having CAN, LIN interfaces as well as analogue and isolated digital I/O the VCi4 allows integration to external systems.

The unit has an opto-isolated USB interface for programming and integration as well as status LEDs.


VCi4 units are currently deployed in a number of automotive assembly and test projects worldwide:

  • Diagnostic applications in engineering, manufacturing
  • Test and validation
  • Functional ECU tests and communication tests


  • Diagnostics
  • Module Configuration
  • Seat/Door/Window Test
  • Convenience Function Testing
  • LIN Based mood lighting
  • Specific Fault Code Clearing
  • PC / PLC to vehicle interface



The unit is designed with a solid aluminium housing for operation in harsh manufacturing environments. The unit can also be clamp mounted / DIN mounted.


The Eurocard version of the product allows for installation in a Sorion SEL0075 test rack.

Technical data

Power supply9-30V DC power supply at 200 mA maximum
Microcontroller32-bit, 72MHz ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller (STM32F103)
PC interfaceUSB (isolated)
CANFour CAN channels with selectable termination
LINFour LIN channels with selectable pullup
Analogue inputsFour analogue inputs 0 – 26V
Digital inputsFour opto-isolated digital inputs 10 – 30V
Relay outputsFour relay outputs 0 – 30V @ 1 Amp
Status displayLED for CAN and LIN status
DimensionsEurocard: 160 x 100mm | Enclosed: 220 x 125 x 50mm
Part numberEurocard: SEL0071 | Enclosed: SEL0071.1