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Tailor-made industrial connectors


Sorion’s ruggedised connectors are made for use in demanding high volume production environments where reliability, ease of connection and short cycle times are important.

Our in-house team can fully incorporate all of your design criteria regarding access constraints, current ratings, ergonomics, adaptability and flexibility.
Designs of ruggedised test connectors include flying lead, panel and bulkhead mounting.

ruggedised connectors

There’s a vast range of durable connectors available to suit most connectors used in automotive manufacture; new connectors are being added continuously to the range.

Sorion can make connectors to suit virtually any harness or unit connector (subject to evaluation).
Our connectors are non-intrusive and don’t effect the guaranteed life of the mating connector on the product under test.

Connectors can be supplied as custom built single connectors through to assemblies with multiple ruggedised connector blocks to allow for quick and easy mating.


  • Ergonomic
  • Easy release latching
  • Durable non-intrusive design
  • Cost-effective

Reliability, designed for true 7 x 24 operation

Custom made for your application

Replaceable gold plated spring probes


Our ruggedised connectors are fitted with a spring loaded latching mechanism, which enables the mating connector to be held in position securely. When the latching mechanism is operated the mating connector will be released quickly and smoothly. On assemblies with multiple ruggedised connectors, latching mechanisms can be operated individually or together and be manual or automatic in operation.

Various colours are available, which can help to differentiate between two or more similar connectors with different functions aiding operator recognition and system integrity.


Our connector design uses replaceable gold plated spring loaded pins with current ratings of up to 45Amps at 12Vdc. Life expectancy of the pins is in the order of 80,000 – 100,000 insertions. To further improve up-time the pins are easily replaced with the aid of a simple tool.


The electrical contacts are non-intrusive and therefore do not reduce the life of the mated connector. Quick pin change ensures rectification or change of pins to a TPM schedule is achieved quickly and the overall life of the connector can be extended many times. Our ruggedised connectors are for use in demanding, high volume production environments which mean that they can typically be mated up to a million times.


Our ruggedised connectors can be supplied with specific leads and connections for interfacing to your existing equipment. Many industrial applications require highly flexible leads. Sorion can supply connectors only, complete harness assemblies or in conjunction with our custom built test equipment.

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