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The Sorion team have developed a truly collaborative AMR solution providing autonomous handling of products in an environment where operators are also present.

The solution allows AMRs to handle both simple shelves that can be delivered and collected from a location and automated conveyor shelves that can deliver and collect goods from automated machines will full docking and control interface.


This is an ideal solution for lower volume, high value environments, allowing for fewer robots to move more of the lower cost shelf units.


  • Warehouse logistics
  • Part kitting / Order fulfilment
  • Transport of goods throughout production stages
  • Just-in-Time manufacturing

Save costs by maximising robot utilisation

Improved return on

Increased flexibility within logistics and manufacturing environments

Why choose Sorion’s solution

Maximise robot utilization as the robots are independent from the shelves (one robot can handle multiple shelves)
Capabilities include pallet detection and drop-off as well as automated docking and load/unload of product
The solution supports a wide range of workflows including picking, replenishment, kitting, lineside delivery, and more
Track shelves as well as products carried by shelves with Fleetware software
Significantly improved end user ROI


The team designed and built a working demonstrator including:

  • Shelf to integrate with AMR
  • Conveyor section for shelf handling
  • Dock conveyor
  • Automated docking, load/unload system


Fleetware is Sorion’s control and management software for mobile robots.
The software suite was updated to enable shelf handling and manage the interactions between robots, shelves and orders.

Fleetware allows you to monitor your robot fleet as well as the shelves and products carried by robots/shelves.


The team also researched and developed and accompanying Android application.

  • Remote monitoring of positions
  • Assign/unassign shelves at positions
  • Create/assign orders onto positions/shelves
  • Remote Pause/Readying of all robots
  • Loading of different configuration depending on which user is logged in

For the development of this solution we received funding from the Aerospace Unlocking Potential Programme

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