Developed by Sorion Electronics, Fleetware is a control and management software suite for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) that can be easily implemented into production and logistics processes.

Fleetware has all the tools needed to configure, coordinate and monitor up to 100 robots simultaneously.


  • Fully automate mission assignment with real time adaptation to changing demands (reassign/cancel mission)
  • Monitor fleet status by robot, product or station/stopping point
  • Test the environment prior to installation of physical robots via the Simulation Tool
  • Detailed breakdown of utilisation and route effectiveness via Orion EMA (Equipment Monitoring & Availability)
  • Can be utilised with Sorion’s Sextans process control application to provide a complete guided assembly process solution


  • Just-in-Time sequenced manufacturing
  • Logistics & Warehousing

Automated Mission Assignment

Real time adaptation to changing demands (reassign/cancel mission)

Fleet Simulation

Use data to improve quality and assist in seamless manufacturing

MES/ERP Integration

Processing of incoming orders for logical assignment of
product to most appropriate robot

System components


The system’s core service and management tools run on a windows server environment, acting as the central hub for all of the other components communicating with the AMRs over TCP/IP.

  • The core management applications allow for configuration of the robots, missions and locations
  • Real time status monitoring, diagnostics, logging and operational maintenance functions


Using the Fleetware Simulation Tool, the environment can be tested and validated prior to installation of physical robots and changes to layout and capacity, saving time and resources.


The Orion EMA Monitoring interface tracks status events from the robot fleet:
• Track waiting and charge times
• Classification of stoppage times
• A total overview of fleet utilisation and performance with failure and cause statistics.

Further information

What is AMR technology and how does it differ from AGVs?

As the manufacturing process is evolving, factories are moving away from Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to more intelligent mobile robots for transporting materials between individual  production stages.

AMRs use data from cameras, built-in sensors and laser scanners  as well as sophisticated location and mapping software to  independently navigate in a dynamic environment, avoid obstacles and find the best route to the target destination. They require no floor markings, adapt to changes in the factory layout and can have new target locations programmed over the air.

Why use Fleetware with your fleet of Autonomous Mobile Robots?

Multiple AMRs in advanced production environments require a set of tools over and above the standard AMR suites. Fleetware provides this layer, coordinating up to 100 robots simultaneously to enable large-scale deployments for Just-in-Time sequenced manufacturing of complex parts with variable production requirements.

It interfaces to factory systems to receive build information and manages the assignment of missions by logistic priority.


Fleetware datasheet

Fleetware presentation