Developed by Sorion Electronics, Fleetware is a management and analytics software suite for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) that can be easily implemented into manufacturing and logistics processes.

Fleetware has all the tools needed to configure, coordinate and monitor up to 100 robots simultaneously.


  • Fully automate mission assignment with real time adaptation to changing demands (reassign/cancel mission)
  • Central configuration and monitoring of the fleet of robots
  • Simple, modular robot missions
  • Product traceability whilst being carried by robot
  • Test the environment prior to installation of physical robots via the Simulation Tool
  • Detailed breakdown of utilisation and route effectiveness via Orion EMA
  • Can be utilised with Sorion’s Sextans application to provide a complete guided assembly process solution

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  • Warehouse logistics
  • Part kitting / Order fulfilment
  • Transport of goods throughout production stages
  • Just-in-Time manufacturing

Automated Mission Assignment

Real time adaptation to changing demands (reassign/cancel mission)

Fleet Analytics

Elimination of process bottlenecks via
performance data

MES/ERP Integration

Processing of incoming orders for logical assignment of
product to most appropriate robot

System components


The core management applications allow for the central configuration of robots, missions and locations.

Fleetware performs the automated routing of robots based on robot state changes.
It also enables real time status monitoring, diagnostics, logging and operational maintenance functions.


EMA for Fleetware is a web interface that tracks status events from the robot fleet:

  • Waiting and charge times
  • Stoppage time classification
  • Overview of fleet utilisation and performance with failure and cause statistics

This can be used to trace bottlenecks and problematic robots/positions.


Fleetware has the ability to handle and track shelves.
This allows for smart routing of the robots to the correct shelf type at a recorded location.


The Simulation Tool allows us to test and validate your environment prior to the installation of physical robots and any changes to layout and capacity. This helps reduce lead times and costs, and is available as an end user tool, post deployment, for change management and test environments

The Simulation Tool emulates the robot API, simulating missions and paths around the map, it provides simulation of the Fleetware robot assignment and mission logic and allows for testing of the order scheduling and processing with duplicated or simulated data feeds.


A Client REST API exists to allow interfacing of additional client devices and 3rd party systems. This allows for position monitoring and the assignment of orders and shelves to positions and robots.
A Windows / Android client and a WiFi Push Button / IO module are available that utilise this API.
The push button has a display and lamp status that can be allocated to differing functions or positions. The Android client allows for the management of different positions based on the logged in user.

Further information

Why use Fleetware with your fleet of Autonomous Mobile Robots?

Multiple AMRs in advanced logistics and production environments require a set of tools over and above the standard AMR suites.

Fleetware provides this layer, coordinating up to 100 robots simultaneously to enable large-scale deployments, for example Just-in-Time sequenced manufacturing of complex parts with variable production requirements.

Fleetware’s internal logic engine enables multi-mission and dynamic routes to be undertaken. This allows for simple, modular robot missions, with Fleetware assigning mission stages with parameterised destinations.

The software integrates with WMS/ERP systems to receive and supply order data and then manages the missions by logistic priority


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