WhoshouldIsee Tracks Products - End of line testing, Guided assembly - Sorion Electronics



Shop floor process control application

Electrical test rack

Sorion’s compact complete electrical test rack

Collaborative robots

The UR range of cobots were designed to automate repetitive work


Wireless barcode scanners


Quality and traceability reporting database

Compact test rack

The mini version of Sorion’s standard test rack. 

Shop Floor PC

Powerful and reliable shop floor PC workstation


VCi4 CAN & LIN Communications Module

Orion EMA

Equipment Monitoring & Availability

Pick to Light Starter Kit

Get started with a smaller project or to test the technology on a pilot project

Offline FAM

Offline Force Application Machine

J1962/OBDII connectors

The most popular connectors in the automotive assembly, test and validation market


Management Suite for Mobile Robots

MiR Autonomous Mobile Robots

The range of MiR robots available from Sorion

Pyxis USB modules

Process control and data acquisition accessories

Battery Pack Voltage Regulator

Designed to enable equipment designed for use on a 12V automotive supply to be powered from the range of Bosch Coolpack tool batteries.