The MiR range of robots are a safe and cost-effective solution to quickly automate your internal transportation and logistics.

The robots optimise workflows, freeing staff resources so you can increase productivity and reduce costs.

Sorion has a close partnership with MiR, giving us a Certified System Integrator status. Our engineers are able to fully integrate mobile robots into your logistics and production processes.


  • MiR robots collaborate safely with people
  • Fast and cost-efficient deployment without the disruption of existing processes or layout
  • Easy to add new robots to your fleet
  • MiR robots can easily fit into most environments and can move in narrow spaces, drive up ramps, take the elevator and more
  • Mobile robots allow employees to focus on high-value activities, not deliveries


  • Automotive
  • Logistics
  • 3PL
  • Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)
  • Life science

Easy to integrate

Fast and cost-efficient deployment without disruptions to existing processes or layout


Easy to customise with different top modules


Navigates in highly dynamic environments
choosing the most efficient path 

The MiR range of mobile robots


For internal transportation of goods and automation of internal logistics

  • Works around the clock with fast battery swap
  • Robust design ensures a long lifetime
  • Easy serviceability


A robust robot for the industry – improved ability to withstand dust and fluids

  • The MiR600 is the first IP52 rated AMR on the market together with MiRs other heavy duty robots, the very powerful MiR1350
  • With increased ability to withstand dust particles and fluids the mobile robot can be used in more environments, it can e.g. drive close to open gates or other places where it is exposed to waterdrops and dirt. 
  • Maximum payload: 600kg


Efficiently move very heavy loads and pallets

  • MiR1350 has, with specially designed pallet lifters from MiR, the ability to pick-up, transport and deliver pallets automatically.
  • The MiR1350 does not require any operating crew in opposition to the more traditional pallet lifters, and because of this it optimizes the pallet transportation and give the employees time to do more productive tasks.
  • Maximum payload: 1350kg

MiR1200 Pallet Jack

  • Built for challenging environments with IP52 rating and reliable industrial design, created through collaboration with Logitrans, leveraging +80 years of lift-product expertise.
  • Automated movement of pallets up to 1200 kg at 1.5 m/sec.
  • AI-based perception system for fast and accurate pallet detection.
  • 24/7 Productivity: Enabled by long-lasting battery capacity and seamless charging
  • Manual tiller for easy interaction with employees used to working with traditional forklifts
  • Maximum payload: 1200kg

Top modules for MiR robots

MiR Shelf Carrier 250

Fits to the MiR250, enabling the robot to collect and deliver shelves, carts and other applications.
Compatible with: MiR250

MiR Hook 250

The MiR250 Hook supports the transport of loads up to 500 kg (1100 lbs)
Compatible with: MiR250

MiR Pallet Lift 600

It enables the MiR600 to lift pallets autonomously from the MiR EU Pallet Rack and lowers the pallet for stable transportation with total payloads up to 500 kg.

MiR Pallet Lift 1350

It enables the MiR1350 to lift pallets autonomously from the MiR EU Pallet Rack and lowers the pallet for stable transportation of payloads up to 1250 kg.

MiR shelf lift

MiR Shelf Lift

With the MiR Shelf Lift top module, the MiR600 and MiR1350 can autonomously connect to a cart, transport and deliver it wherever you need. 

Charging stations

A fully automatic charging solution:

  • Installs easily and unobtrusively in most environments
  • Uses standard power outlet
  • Supports autonomous connection with robots as needed
  • Keeps a fleet of robots running 24/7 with MiR Fleet software

MiR Charge 24V

MiR Charge 48V

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Sorion has a close partnership with MiR, giving us a Certified System Integrator status.

The combination of Sorion’s engineering expertise, customer application experience and MiR’s proven AMR technologies ensures our customers benefit from effective, fast, and seamless AMR adoption.

As a Certified Integrator, our team has received extensive, high level training to provide complex and large solutions designed to suit you.


Sorion designs and installs bespoke Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Systems, helping logistics and manufacturing companies to improve competitiveness, efficiency and costs.

At the heart of each mobile robot system designed by Sorion is the company’s own Fleetware software, a flexible management system for mission assignment, with real time adaptation to changing demands: on-route mission reassignment / cancellation.

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