Offline Force Application Machine for low volume production


The Sorion Mini FAM is a high quality offline Force Application Machine (FAM) optimised for low volume and service kit production. The system is modular in design and can be adapted to suit customer requirements.

The car seat is positioned in the FAM (locating correctly X & Y) and then automatically calibrated by applying a predetermined load pressures via a Seat Butt-Form. The communication to the mat can be via LIN or CAN.


A Force Application Machine (FAM) provides a controlled environment to perform testing and calibration on the safety relevant Occupant Classification System (OCS) components of an automotive passenger seat.

  • Flexibility for future seat types and Occupant Classification Systems
  • Certified by seat occupancy mat manufacturers
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Dual loadcell design for stability and speed


  • Quality assurance of car seats
  • Service kit calibration
  • Seat calibration development
  • Function test and calibration of seat occupancy mats

High-precision seat calibration to increase passenger safety

Fast and exact tests in a
controlled environment

Customised to individual
customer requirements


The machine frame features aluminium extruded sections construction in silver anodised finish.

The mini FAM is equipped with standard measurement and control components ensuring safe, efficient and reliable operation with high accuracy (0-60kg ±1g resolution).

The system is fitted with a light guard to provide operator protection during the calibration process.

Dimensions: W 800 x D 1000 x H 2600mm

Offline force application machine


The FAM is controlled by Sextans test software running on a touch screen PC.
Sextans offers an easy to use and intuitive interface designed for the production environment. It delivers both consistency and reliability by controlling the key test parameters.

To initiate the process, the operator scans the barcode on the build and connects the ruggedised connector to the OCS mat. The seat is then placed within the FAM and located into the correct position. Once the seat is in the correct location the FAM will carry out the calibration on the OCS mat.

A clear pass or fail indication alerts the operator of the status of each unit, based on the customer’s calibration standards. The operator is then prompted to remove the seat, disconnect the ruggedised connector from the seat and attach the printed label on the unit.

The system captures all measurement data and transfers it to the Orion traceability database for detailed analysis and reporting.


The mini FAM is capable of being modified to allow calibration of different seat models and communication methods.

Step-by-step test routines can be quickly and easily created in Sextans according to the exact requirements of each customer’s testing procedures.

The system can also be used as an efficient service kit FAM, allowing a wide variety of seat types to be calibrated on model specific seat frames which locate into the mini FAM.

The mini FAM can be equipped with optional vision system for accurate seat identification and location.

Force application machine dual loadcell
Dual loadcells
Seat location frame - Automotive seat test
Seat support / Location frame
End of line test control software
Sextans running on a touchscreen PC

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