An image of the REACH brandingAs an ISO-9001 accredited manufacturer, Sorion Electronics recognise the need to comply with the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). This regulation came in to force June 2007 and covers health and environmental dangers.

We have prepared a brief statement to explain our position regarding this regulation.


Sorion Electronics Ltd is aware of the requirements of REACH and recognises the need for compliance.

Sorion Electronics Ltd only supplies finished goods and does not supply any customer with substances or preparations as part of its business. Therefore, there are no substances to be pre-registered on behalf of any of our customers.

Sorion Electronics is not a manufacturer or importer of “substances” (on their own or in “preparations”) and, therefore does not have registration obligations under REACH.

However, we are aware suppliers cannot sell to us if they have not Pre-registered their chemicals under REACH. This may be that it is not economic for the supplier to register or the supplier does not know the purpose of the product.

Therefore, we will be writing to all our suppliers listing the chemicals and preparations used in our process, the use to which they are put and seek confirmation that they have all been registered.

For further information on REACH visit the REACH website