These are some of the common terms and abbreviations used within our industry, many are linked to internal or external sources for further explanation.

BOM Bill of Materials
CAN Controller Area Network, most commonly used interface between ECUs
Console The centre console assembly in a vehicle (Front or Rear)
Cockpit / IP Instrument panel – The complete dashboard assembly in a vehicle
DOIP Diagnostics over IP, using Ethernet as the transport layer for the ODB functions
DTC Diagnostic Trouble Code – OEM Fault Code from ECU
ECM / ECU Electronic Control Module (Electronic Control Unit), within a vehicle or sub-assembly
EOL End of Line (where many of Sorions Electrical Test systems are deployed)
ETS Electrical Test Station
ETest Electrical Test
FAM Force Application Machine, used to calibrate OCS and ODS systems in seats
FlexRay High performance and high integrity interface between ECUs
Infotainment The overall Radio / Sat Nav / CD / TV / Media system in a vehicle
J1962 On Board Diagnostics Connector fitted within the passenger compartment of the vehicle
LIN Local Interconnect Network, low cost and low speed interface e.g. switch pack to ECU interface
MOST Media Oriented System Transport, optical high speed interface used in infotainment systems
MSMQ Microsoft Message Queue
NAS North American Specification
OBD On Board Diagnostics, the means that an external system can communicate / diagnose a vehicle
OCS Occupancy Classification System, system used to catagorise the occupant of a passenger seat, calibrated in Sorion FAMs
ODS Occupancy Detection System, system used to detect the presence of an occupant in a passenger seat
ODST On Demand Self-Test
OPC Open Platform Communications (e.g. Kepware)
PLP Pyrotechnic Lap Pretensioner
PSi5 Peripheral Sensor Interface, used to communicate from sensors (e.g. Airbag crash sensors) to ECUs within the vehicle
PWM Pulse Width Modulation – A mechanism of speed or power control on electrical devices.
Rugged Connector A machined connector designed for a high insertion rate in an industrial environment, populated with gold plated sprung pins for good electrical connection
RoW Rest of World
SRS Supplementary Restraints System, the overall airbag system in a vehicle
TPS Track Position Sensor
UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply – Used to protect equipment from power failures
UUT Unit Under Test
VCi4 Versatile Communications interface, Sorions CAN and LIN interface