As we continue to see strong interest in robotics from manufacturing companies, we are happy to announce that we have just won two significant orders for robotic systems.

Both systems are for existing customers investing in collaborative and mobile robotics for the first time and we are delighted to support them on their journey.

As Certified System Integrators for both Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) and Universal Robots (UR), we gain access to specialised training, valuable technical resources, and priority support from both companies. These partnerships, along with the Sorion team’s industry process knowledge, empowers us to provide our customers with efficient and bespoke automation solutions, harnessing the incredible power and adaptability of MiR and UR robots.

Collaborative robot system

Sorion has been awarded a contract by an automotive manufacturer for the delivery of 8 Universal Robots for the end of line testing of automotive seats.

The cobots which will be fully integrated with the existing Sorion Sextans based end-of-line test systems and will automatically perform the tests below releasing operators for other tasks:

  • Functional testing of the seat movements for non-memory seats
  • Switch pack testing
  • Lumbar and bolster testing by an integrated 3D camera solution
  • Belt buckle insertion / removal
Universal Robots UR10e collaborative robot
UR10e collaborative robot

Mobile robot system

The team has also won an order for 5 MiR autonomous mobile robots to automate internal transport for another automotive manufacturer. Using 4 MiR1350 Pallet Lift robots and a MiR250 with Shelf Lift, the system will provide significant process improvements in terms of efficiency and ongoing costs.

Sorion’s Fleetware system will be used to manage the robots. With full integration into the customers build scheduling system, the Sorion solution also will provide the warehouse management (WMS) functions for the parts storage. 

As production volumes rise additional MiR robots are easily added to expand the fleet.

MiR1350 autonomous mobile robot with pallet lift
MiR1350 Pallet Lift