Pick-to-Light Applications


In automotive manufacturing, kits of parts are delivered to the next stage of production at exactly the time that a kit is needed. 

Pick-to-light systems ensure that kits are assembled quickly and accurately and can be delivered to the next stage of production at the right time.


Pick-by-Light devices have a multicoloured confirmation button so that specific colours can be assigned for each kit. This allows for the preparation of several simultaneous kits and/or several operators in the same area.

Optional 4-digit alphanumeric display: indicates the quantity of each item to pick. 

Pick-to-Light for kitting - Automotive production


Pick To Light devices optimise part picking time and ensures both quality and accuracy.

The operation of the system is very intuitive and speeds up training time of new employees.

Kitting stations  for automotive just in sequence production

Pick to Light modules

Our most popular devices are below. For more details please get in touch

This is the simplest module used where there will only ever be one part picked per cycle

Non-digit module, includes sensor (within 15cm)

The 4 digit display is used to imply pick quantity with pick confirmation being given via the pressing of a large illuminated button.

4 digit display including sensor whereby the pick is determined via either movement beneath the module (within 15cm) or by button press.


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